Do we seek sadness now?

Last week, it rained the whole day— pleasant weather for the privileged.
And I had a thought, if tomorrow’s headlines read “Din bhar ki barsaat ke baad, Delhi ka haal hua behaal, jagah jagah bhara paani!”, I will not be surprised. (Translation: Places in Delhi waterlogged after heavy rains)
Thankfully, everything was fine the following day.

But wonder what has made us expect the worse in every situation and even be okay with it. It is certainly not being prepared because we don’t do anything to prevent the worse. Classic examples I needn’t need to quote.

We dwell in sadness, stretch negative limits until it starts affecting us. What is the word for it? Melancholy? Sadistic?

If a certain section of the population is suffering and a handful of others happy, we would want to mourn the suffering more than to let happiness prevail for whomsoever it is. An example to explain my observation is the Indian Premier League (IPL).
Background: The league is an international franchise based cricket tournament played with cricket across teams of various countries. It is scheduled to be conducted every year in April-May.
However, this year, a large section of the country was battling with the second wave of Coronavirus. As a result, there was a shortage of resources, and medical facilities were strained. My family and I contracted the virus too and are glad to have recovered from it.
The IPL was conducted as scheduled, and the country being ‘cricket-crazy’ celebrated it. This was frowned upon; considering with people dying in large numbers, how can one celebrate? So they demanded IPL be revoked.
Sooner, few players and staff contracted Covid-19, and the league was suspended. Now, everyone was officially gloomy.

Funny thing, when we get the unhappiness that was sought, we don’t know how to react to it. The pandemic wave this year was so horrific that I can safely say every family has lost someone they knew. Close or far. And how do you react to the death?
“Very sorry for your loss.”
“Will be there if you need anything.”
Empty. The sender knows, the receiver knows. But none of them know how to react to a scenario so inevitable.

Your thoughts about it

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