Assumptions crop up because we tend to judge people based on our lives. We see our life scenario, put others’ problems in it and evaluate a great solution. This happens in such a little time that we fail to realise we have ingrained assumptions. We tend to feel that the other person is acting out of line because we may have executed differently. But then the problem is not yours (ours).

I will give you the context here.

A conversation with someone I don’t wish to name triggered me to think why anyone would start giving answers to statements, which were never questions in the first place. Assumptions!
I concluded that they have predefined assumptions, which they are trying to impose on others. Well, they may be a class-apart a**holes.

I believe Social Media has fed us assumptions. We are made to believe all Indian/Asian dads act in a certain way; all Americans eat greasy food and are obese.

I must confess how often I have thought about this conversation and how I should have reacted differently and said something to shut them up. Much of my energy has been spent thinking over it instead of coming forward and saying something.

Your thoughts about it

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