Midas’ Touch

I head home, tired
It’s late today, again
The clock has moved past dinner time
and closing towards the end of the day
The streets are quiet, dogs bark to keep off unwanted
She is awake, waiting.
The door opens before I knock
My dinner is ready, waiting.
She had called thrice on the way to check
I had called her too, before leaving

It was a long day
I’m fussy about so much food on the plate
She continues to tell me how it is important
How I require the energy to keep up through such hectic days
Yes, I tell her, I know these things
I had insisted that she have dinner on time
So now she sits with me, watching me eat
In between the bites, I fill in all that happened in the day

Off you go to bed, it’s already late!
I obey.
On the bed, my body is at rest but the mind isn’t
The number of things I have to do tomorrow
Things I could have done today
Mails that need to be drafted, should I get up and do them now?
Oh I should have not agreed with that colleague of mine
How about presenting a different idea to the boss next week?
But then I’m not prepared for this, I need to chalk up a to-do list on that
Somehow, she knows.
She slips in from behind, taking me by surprise.
“Not asleep yet?”
Gently stroking my forehead, as if I was a five-year-old
In the silence of the night, don’t know when
The mails, the cubicles are clouded by sleep
Black magic that I had no control over!

Next morning, obviously mom is not there
She is in the kitchen, preparing my breakfast
Because I must know how it is important
How I require the energy to keep up through such hectic days
I smile, Yes I know these things
Yet I don’t realise that even she’ll have a long day at the office today
Yet she’ll have no one waiting at dinner for her
Yet she’ll have no one to caress her to sleep
And to make breakfast the next day
Isn’t it important? She also requires the energy to keep up through such hectic day?

1 thought on “Midas’ Touch

  1. When someone writes an post he/she keeps the plan of a user in his/her brain that how a
    user can understand it. Thus that’s why this post is amazing.


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