So much of life, it seems to me, is determined by pure randomness.

Sidney Poitier

Gadgets I own – Part 1

I have not been good at managing technology and especially ones that need charging. But technological needs aren’t limited, and my ADHD brain keeps hopping from one project to another, and that requires a lot of space…

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Assumptions crop up because we tend to judge people based on our lives. We see our life scenario, put others’ problems in it and evaluate a great solution. This happens in such a little time that we…

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Stupidity has rules, too!

Somewhere in a village in India, the Panchayat received a complaint about a rape. The female had sought justice. (Panchayat is a 5-member village-level self-government, the first step of democracy.) Both the accused and the victim belonged…

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The Black Ball Point Pen

“Damn! Not this time!” I was in the middle of my exam, and my only pen had planned to cheat on me. Let me tell you, I am never careless. I always meticulously plan things way ahead…

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I want to be like you…

Suchitra was at a celebration party when her phone rang. Her son’s picture flashed over. When she answered, he sounded disturbed, heavy in voice, eating up words that she didn’t understand anyway. That meant she was needed…

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