The Blog

I have kept this blog completely random. No specific genre.
Why you ask? Because I don’t want people to come seeking for something, that too when in a particular mood.

I write about emotions, heartfelt. Happy, sad, jubilant, enraged, blushed, broken, motivated… All and much more.
I write about family. The ever so beautiful bond with mothers, the lesser spoken about the bond with fathers and always vocal, over the roof love for our siblings.
I write about love. Relationships that are blooming, ones that couldn’t see the light of the day, ones that had to die a slow death, ones that were killed brutally, ones that are too perfect even for dreams.
I write about education and career. Schools to college (and hostel) to internships, the first job and life after that, sigh.
Oh yes, apart from these you’ll find topics that I’m really passionate about, those which get my blood boiling dark red.

There are fictional short stories, snippets from daily life, intense articles and quirky fun posts.
You can look about by Categories on Top or by the Date they were posted on, on right.

Read them all here @Randomness and Beyond on every second Sunday!

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